Why Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinets Are Used In Laboratories

Why Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinets Are Used In Laboratories

Nitrogen desiccator cabinets are one of the much used units in a laboratory or cleanroom. They have prominent reasons for use, and it’s amust to understand their role and use when you are planning to set up your laboratory.

Nitrogen desiccator cabinets are generally a common requirement in any lab

When you are trying to set up your own laboratory, then you would certainly start with a list of the must requirements. There are many items which are a must have in alab. One of themis a nitrogen desiccator cabinet. Either you have to order one, or many, as per the lab size and project volume.

Why are desiccator cabinets used

Desiccator cabinets are used for keeping items dry which are stored inside these cabinets. A desiccator cabinet’s prime role is to keep away moisture from its insides. The space inside this kind of cabinet is totally maintained dry and moisture free. That’s why desiccator cabinets are storage spaces for keeping items away from moisture.

Some item are very moisture sensitive. They would react with the atmospheric moisture to change their chemical composition. Even the tiniest amount ofatmospheric humidity can affect such reactive chemicals and items. That’s why they must be stored under controlled conditions inside the nitrogen desiccator cabinets. That’s why the role of these cabinets in a lab is important. If your lab has not enough storage or nothing to desiccateand store items for a long time, then you would get in trouble doing work with moisture sensitive items.

Nitrogen desiccator cabinets

Nitrogen desiccator cabinets are designed to be made moisture free by the use of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is much non-reactive compared to oxygen. Hence nitrogen loaded air which is totally treated to become dry is passed through an inlet inside the desiccator cabinets. The inside of the cabinet gets filled with this supply of clean dry air loaded with nitrogen, or just plain nitrogen gas. And the push of the nitrogen replaces the old air inside the cabinet, thereby making it a completely dry setup for storing of moisture sensitive items. There is an outlet valve in these cabinets, which lets out the moisture loaded air from thecabinet.

In short, the flow of nitrogen gas washes the cabinet inside totally to swipe out any moisture content and moisture containing air. This way the cabinet gets fresh inside and dry too, which gives you the ideal storage space to keep sensitive items inside for a long time. The door of such cabinets are made air tight to not let in moisture laden air. The shelves in such cabinets are perforated to allow the flow of fresh clean dry air or nitrogen throughout the cabinet. And, the insidesof the cabinet are coated with a permanent coating that doesn’t let electrostatic charge build up inside due to the absolute dryness.


Nitrogen desiccator cabinets are highly important in equipping your lab the right way to handle various types of work. Hence they must be made a part of the lab.

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