What are the topmost In-Demand IT Certifications in 2019?

What are the topmost In-Demand IT Certifications in 2019?

Are you a highly qualified professional looking to add new skill sets in his bag? Well, I am going to make it easy for you by telling you the in-demand IT certifications in 2019. Certifications are proof of your dedication and hard work. It tells others that you are well qualified for the post that you are applying for. These days’ certifications play an important role in getting a high paying job.

Certification is basically a stamp of your qualifications. One of the best things about certifications is that after a few years they expire. Which will automatically force you to do it again, and that will keep you up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Being an IT professional means no matter at what cost, but to stay in this field you have to stay up to date with the latest technologies. Well, your bread and butter depend on this. So always stay up to date.

 What’s so special about this Article?

A simple and easy way of teaching someone can make their learning very easy. In this article, I will tell you the top In-demand IT certifications that you can do and finally give your career a big boost that it deserves. You can find tons of resources where you can learn about these certifications and you can prepare your exams from them. You can find all kinds of resources like dumps, questions, articles, pdfs which do help you in passing these exams but always verify the authority of the company you’re getting these resources from.

Spending time on certifications that have no scope in the future will definitely waste your time and money spent on completing it. So in this article, we will discuss those certifications which won’t make you jobless in the future.

With these Certifications, you have simply given your career a mind-blowing boost. A great aspect of certifications is that you don’t need to be well educated or someone who is familiar with IT. Even a person with zero knowledge can start from scratch and get a good Certification to land a high paying job.

So let’s raise the curtains and Discuss some of the Most In-Demand IT Certifications:

1.    Certification in the Governance of Enterprise IT:

  If you get certified in CGEIT then your role will be to manage, advise and offer assurance services to the company. This is right the very high In-demand Certification that can land you different job roles. Such as an Assistant Controller or a Risk Management So there is no doubt that getting certified in CGEIT will guarantee you getting a job. On average those who have done this certification earn about $121,000 annually. But to give the exam you will have to pay a fee of something around $500. This is just a small amount to explore the great opportunities you can get with it. The results will be way more fruitful.

2.    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate:

 The AWS certification is one of the top trending certifications in 2019 and will continue to be the same in the coming years. AWS (Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect – Associate) basically verifies that you have a good grasp of knowledge related to the design systems on AWS. People who have experience with working on the AWS are the real targets of this certification. The specialist who has done AWS Certified Solutions Architect can earn about $120,000 annually.

3.    MICROSOFT AZURE Certification:

This is also one of the trending Certification in 2019, and getting certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamental can increase your chance of landing a high paying job. To get this certification you will have to write the exam of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam. Like I mentioned at the start of the article that you can use tons of resources to study, and pass the certification exam so you can search for online resources or you can search AZ-900 Braindumps that will make it much easier for you to pass this exam.  The demand for Cloud computing is increasing with time, and Microsoft being a big tech giant is investing a lot in this technology, so you should hurry up and grab this certification to achieve great success in your career. The average salary of an individual with this certification is around $80,000 annually.


We discussed some of the very High In-Demand certifications. Now you have to decide which certifications suit your needs and understanding. Whether it matches your previous qualification, or will it bring any advantage to your current skill set. There are tons of other certifications as well you can look them up too. The best way to pass these certifications are to study hard with dedication and motivation. The best resources you can find on the internet are dumps or other educational articles. So get up and get certified in one of the above certifications.


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