Know All The Facts Of Boxing World!

The most practiced in the world: while the number of practitioners is constantly increasing (+ 25% in the world since 2016), some facts are to know.

For example: do you know the greatest boxers in the world? Female boxers? Do you know how a federation works or is it a world title? Let yourself be guided: that’s all you need to know about culture!

The Mythical Matches Of Boxing Fight

Who says boxing necessarily means facing an opponent: whether with an uppercut, a powerful shot or a punch that puts K., the goal is to be the winner! It’s this urge to fight with rage that makes the most beautiful boxing matches, but not that:

  • The long-awaited fights between a boxing world champion and his challenger are too,
  • Fights organized between federations, with their respective boxing world champion, are very popular,
  • The unique fights, which gave birth to celebrities.

Of all the boxing fights in the world (and there are several hundred each year), some deserve more attention than others. Some are even legendary, because of an unexpected outcome, an incomparable fighting intensity, or an original duet of fighters.

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The Most Known Boxing Fights Are Those Having Opposed Ring Legends, Such As:

  • Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier, where the challenge defeats the undisputed world champion (Ali), in 1974,
  • Mohammed Ali and Richard Dunn, who scored the last victory in K.O Ali, in 1976,
  • Ray “Sugar” Leonard in his fight against Roberto Duran, who allows Sugar to recover his welterweight belt, in 1980,
  • Ray “Sugar” Leonard vs. Marvin “Maravelous” Hagler, who is dethroned by Sugar, despite his boxing ringback in 1987,
  • Marcel Cerdan opposed to Jake La Motta, the latter having put K.O the French champion sent by the French Federation, in 1949,
  • Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield, a fight that became famous for being a melee, where Tyson bit (and ripped out) his opponent’s right ear in 1997,
  • Clash between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward, a trilogy considered the “best fight of the year”, in 2002,
  • Mayweather versus De La Hoya, opposing power and technique / tactics, in 2007,
  • Mayweather vs. McGregor, the boxer’s last fight against Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion and Full Contact, Conor McGregor, in 2017.

As for women’s boxing, we will also remember the fight won in the first round by boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of the legendary Mohammed, against Avril Fowler. Duration of the match: 31 seconds …

Speaking of champions, do you know the biggest names in boxing?

The Famous Boxing Champions

More than one man would be ready to put on boxing gloves to get into a ring, but not all men have a fate for professional boxing. Amateur boxing concentrates the majority of practitioners, and only a handful of athletes can reach peaks.

Among them, there are different types of champions:

The great champions of the twentieth century (between 1910 and 1990)

The great boxers recent (1990 – 2010)

The contemporary winners (since 2010)

Among them, big names that you probably know, others you’ve heard of. They became famous for:

  • Their impressive track record and their world titles,
  • Their ability to box differently, by adding kickboxing techniques for example,
  • Their notoriety acquired after obtaining a gold medal at the Olympic Games, or an Olympic champion title,
  • Their irreproachable course

Most of the boxing champions of the twentieth century have demonstrated excellent performance, acquired with experience, during a world championship or a European championship. This is the case of:

  • Mohammed Ali, a true legend with 37 victories by K.O, who has become an authority figure in the world of combat sports,
  • Marcel Cerdan, the ambassador of French boxing in the USA, with 129 matches to his credit,
  • Henry Armstrong, nicknamed “Hurricane Hank,”
  • Jack Dempsey, the pro in the heavyweight category and first superstar of modern boxing,
  • Ray “Sugar” Leonard, a renowned boxer with sharp remarks,
  • Julio César Chavez, a Mexican undefeated for 88 games, to draw in his 89th,
  • Joe Frazier, the great challenger of the fight of the century with Ali, in 1971,
  • Jack La Motta, better known under the pseudonym of “Rabid Bull”.

Like what the twentieth century has experienced many talented amateurs of free fighting. But the decades of 1990 – 2010 are not left out, with emblematic figures like:

  • Oscar De La Hoya, who has the most amateur titles and world titles (229 in amateur boxing) and the most profits amassed during his matches,
  • Mike Tyson, nicknamed “Iron Mike” for his ability to challenge his opponents.

Finally, more recently, other champions have shown themselves at their best, either at Wembley or at the Palais des Sports in Paris. There are three boxers:

  • Bernard Hopkins, although he would belong to the generation of Mohammed Ali, he is still in professional activity,
  • Floyd Mayweather, able to hit without being beaten, he is still undefeated to this day,
  • Anthony Joshua, recent winner against the Ukrainian Victor Klitschko, he is the beautiful promise of boxing, which counts on this double champion to do wonders.

Among these great champions, some names do not appear, like Tyson Fury, or Rocky Balboa: controversial or fictitious, they have no place in the Hall of Fame! But in what context do these competitors evolve?

Leagues and boxing federations: what are they?

More than a punching bag, boxing shorts and boxing shoes, you still need a ring to become a boxing world champion. For this, we must fight in international federations, which are not to be confused with a French Federation for example.

American Boxing, Thai Boxing, French Savate Boxing: We Forget! The largest boxing federation’s only play boxing, which remains the most popular. The best federations are:

  • The WBA, World Boxing Association, the oldest federation (it takes over from the NBA founded in 1921),
  • The WBC, World Boxing Council, undoubtedly the most publicized,
  • The IBF, International Boxing Federation, whose specialization in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is appreciated,
  • The WBO, World Boxing Organization, the most recent of all.

Each offers a world title and a belt as rewards. Each time a new boxer is crowned champion, his title is put back into play until a new champion is declared.

Some keep their belts for years, but it’s hard not to bow to younger fighters, with more agile footwork and better physical preparation.

In parallel, there are other boxing federations, which focus on women’s boxing, boxing or amateur boxing. However, they are considered as minor federations and their titles do not have as much prestige:

  • The IWBF, International Women’s Boxing Federation, which promotes the fight between boxers,
  • The IBA, International Boxing Association, which puts American boxing in the spotlight,
  • The WPBF, World Professional Boxing Association, which aims to enforce the rules and discipline of the noble art,
  • The GBU, Global Boxing Association, which includes boxing variants such as full contact or taekwondo,
  • The AIBA, International Amateur Boxing Association, which, as its name suggests, promotes competitions on a less competitive scale.

Many champions have passed through these federations, but also champions! Who are they and what do they do today?

The big boxing champions

Pro Boxing or Amateur Boxing: Women have been breaking into this world since the discipline was accepted at the Olympic Games. To the point that many champions emerge, such as:

  • Myriam Lamare, who won the French championship
  • Sarah Ourahmoune, who had the opportunity to fight with the biggest, in the European championship (vice-champion), which she cumulated with a champion title in amateur boxing,
  • Cécilia Braekhus: for the Norwegian, boxing is essential, which is why she is undefeated so far, with 29 wins including 8 by K.O,
  • Christina Hammer, of Kazakh origin, this German is as comfortable in the gym as in a ring, that’s why she was elected “boxer of the year WBO”, thanks to her mental steel,
  • Ikram Kerwat, adapts boxing club and judo, she won the WBU supreme title in the United States, a first for this Tunisian-German.

Other boxing champions are also known for their performances in combat sports in general, or for their Olympic title:

  • Estelle Mossely, she is the first Olympic women’s boxing champion: just like her husband, Tony Yoka, she brought a gold medal to her compatriots,
  • Mariana Juarez, she put on mittens and mouthguards to try her luck in California, after a first part of career in Mexico,
  • Laila Ali, his first fight in a ring ended in a victory (in just 31 seconds): a record,
  • Ronda Rousey, a kickboxing or UFC dueling enthusiast, for her, boxing training is not enough: with her extraordinary physical condition, she is also a fan of crossfit, krav-maga and self-defense so much so that it is solicited for American cinema.

While some attend the annual WBO Boxing Gala, others train at the boxing club as a coach. The reconversions are numerous, but all seek to maintain a professional boxing level.

That’s it, you know everything about boxing culture now and will be unbeatable on the great principles, the big federations and the great champions of our time!

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